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What’s going on in #BurlOn – Burlington’s Best Social Media Posts for April 16

What’s up Burlington?!

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the C.O.B. Life has scoured the interwebs once again to find the best Burlington posts using #BurlOn.

Speaking of weather, the folks at Burlington Beach Rentals posted a friendly reminder that the outdoor weather is here! Hey BBR, how much longer until we start seeing those SUP boards on the lake again?!



Erica Charles shared a pic that “Blue” our minds! Fantastic job of capturing the blue sky reflecting off the water by our pier.


Night photography is a tricky art, but @carjackstudios gets it right. I can’t count how many grainy pics I deleted trying to get the same capture.


Aldershot Dairy Queen is open!!! The pic by @burlingtonfoodtours is a sure sign that spring is upon us.


This pic wins the internet! Cute dog plus beautiful scenery equals a winning capture.



Great black and white photo from @phoneworthy of the Skyway Bridge. There’s something about black and white pics that make the image look timeless.



Another photo of the Skyway  bridge, but @devonross17 provides us with a different perspective. Love the way that bridge looks lit up at night.


Burlington has a ton of talented photographers and we love sharing your work! Don’t forget to put #Burlon or #coblife in your posts so we don’t miss anything. keep up the good work and keep following the C.O.B. Life!

Signing off until next week.

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What’s Going On In #BurlON – April 9

Another week has gone by and it’s time for our weekly instalment of “What’s Going on in #BurlON!”

We live in a beautiful city and it should be celebrated and we have chosen our favourite posts of the week using the hashtag #BurlON.

Do you want to be featured next week?  Don’t forget to use #BurlON (bonus points for using #COBLife as well!) and you just may see your picture next week.


The weather this week was nothing short of crazy with rain, wind, warm temps, cold temps and even snow!  Thanks to @photogsassistant for this great shot taken in downtown Burlington.



Spring is in the air! Finally, it looks like the warm temps are here to stay (knock on wood!) and @_k.r_ has captured a picture that makes us all want to throw away the coat and boots and put on some flip-flops and shorts.





It looks like this dog can’t wait for his favourite human to wake up from his cozy nap!   @jessicawaughphotography has captured a picture that gives us all the warm and cozy feels.





Love this picture by @elisabethpocahontas – exploring nature and enjoying the outdoors.




A great picture of a Horned Grebe by @peter_granka




“April Showers Bring May Flowers” – A great shot by @steph_earl and her pup




@BurlingtonTaxi is always at your service when you need a ride, whether you have two legs or four!

What’s Going On In #BurlON – April 2

It’s Sunday, the sun is shining, and people are out and about all over the City of Burlington, enjoying the warm temps….and it’s time for our weekly What’s Going On In #BurlOn blog.

We hope everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy the sun, and you all survived April Fools Day.   Some love the day, some hate it ( too be honest we’re kinda indifferent to it, as long as we’re not getting pranked 😉 )
We’ve combed through all of the posts, pics and videos to find some of the best #BurlON posts over the last 7 days, that you might have missed…and definitely deserve a like or share.

Lisette Kingo (Twitter: @lisettekingo) had some very strange visitors stop by to see her on April 1.  It looks like they all enjoyed a good April fools prank!

We’ve seen a few of these around Burlington, but to be honest we didn’t realize that Little Free Library book exchanges were so prevalent in Burlington, and beyond.  Karen (Twitter: @FrontYardLFLs) shared a pic of a few of these pop up libraries.  You can check out her profile, and see her blog on Little Free Libraries all over the city, and around the area!

Peter Van Dyk (Twitter: @pjvandyk) took advantage of the great weather, and hit the 101 Steps in Lowville Park (which is just north of Burlington, on Guelph Line).  Having spent many a summer at Camp Buradaca in Lowville Park, I have many fond memories of climbing these stairs, and trying to count them on the way up!

This great action shot by @trillian8 (Instagram) from the back of a motorcycle looks great!  With the warm weather, means more bicycles and motorcycles on the streets of Burlington, so make sure everyone drives safe!

Jim Nelson (twitter: @PhotosByJimN) got up close and personal with a hungry squirrel.  He’s a cute looking little guy, but I didn’t think squirrels were so cute this time last year when we had to have them removed from our attic!

Our last pic is from Selina Jane (Twitter: @selinajane) who shared this pic from the Halton TweetUp networking event this past week at Wendell Clark’s.  It looks like everyone had a great time connecting, and we’re looking forward to attending their next meet up!

We hope that you enjoyed this quick recap of some of the #BurlOn posts over the past few days that you might have missed.  As always, don’t forget to tag @cob_life in your pics so we can share them.  If you have an event you’d like us to help promote you can email us at

Enjoy the last of the weekend….we’re off to have some dinner, then settle in to catch The Walking Dead!

What’s Going On In #BurlOn – March 26

Hello Again Everyone!

It’s time for another weekly round up, of some of the best #BurlON posts that you might have missed over the last few days.

Spring has finally sprung, but we’re still getting a mix of warm days….and not so warm days in the City of Burlington. But the sun is staying in the sky a little longer each day, and the signs of spring are slowly starting to appear all around us.  Patio season will be here before we know it!


Our first #BurlON post comes from the Instagram account of Robert Steven (@robertjsteven) who stopped to capture some whitecaps rolling in on a bit of a dreary day along the beach strip.


Qualificare Burlington (Twitter: @QualicareBurl) shared this pic on Twitter of the winning team for Joseph Brant’s latest trivia night. Congrats to Team Crusaders!  We hope everyone had a fun night!


Undoubtably one of the most successful bands to hail from the City of Burlington, made a big return to their roots last week. Finger Eleven (Twitter: @Finger_Eleven) were back in town celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album TIP.

Some of us might remember seeing Finger Elven as the Rainbow Butt Monkeys way back in the day (we’re dating ourselves here) but it’s great to see this band still rocking, and even cooler to see them heading back to Burlington to celebrate!

The Girls Hockey Club (Twitter: @BGHC_News) had a busy weekend with their House League Championship Weekend, and shared this great pic of the Atom teams receiving their medals.

We did see some great springtime temperatures last week, and lucky for us Emily Jones (Instagram: @emily.r.jones) shared this beautiful pic of the sun shinning off a calm looking Lake Ontario.  I think we’re all looking forward to a lot more days like this!



We’ll end this weeks round up with this great picture from Andrew Collins (Twitter: @ACollinsPhoto) of some of our local Burlington Fire Department members extinguishing a car fire on the South Service Road.

Andrew’s Twitter account is a must follow if you’re looking to see breaking new in the City, and surrounding areas!

Thanks for reading our weekly round up…we hope you liked the pics as much as we did.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BurlON, and tag @cob_life in your posts.  We love sharing all of the great pics and stories that are always taking in place in this wonderful city!


What’s Going On in #BurlOn – March 19

What’s going on Burlington? Hopefully everyone’s recovered from St. Paddy’s day and are kicking back on the last day of winter for the year. Speaking of winter, we had a solid blast of snow earlier this week, a reminder from mother nature that’s it’s not spring yet, ha.

Lots of great posts this week with #BurlOn, so let’s get to it.


First post is a Twitter pic from @molloy76, with a great picture of the icicles thawing on the pier during sunset. Love the pastels Steve captured in this photo.

What's happening in Burlington Ontario

Burlington, Onatario

Check out this Instagram pic from @nige, so much amazing going on here. In the background the sunset reflects off the water, while at the same time setting the sky on fire. In the foreground the two seagulls, one captured in mid flight about to land. A really great example of how beautiful our waterfront is.


What's happening in Burlington Ontario

Burlington, Onatario


@upriseband posted this badass pic last week. The pic screams rock and makes me wish I was better at guitar, ha.

What's happening in Burlington Ontario

Burlington, Onatario


The caption, “Anyone else see Faerie Lights?” describes the vibe of this pic by @laurelcrossley perfectly. I know, I know, we posted two pics featuring the boardwalk already, but this one has a magical feel that separetes it from the other two. Definitely one of the best #BurlOn pics we found this week.

What's happening in Burlington Ontario

Burlington, Onatario


Guilty pleasure confession – dipping bacon in maple syrup. Sounds like @4bentley_woof, got skunked at their local sugar shack this time, but don’t give up! The struggle is worth it. #maplesyruplove

What's happening in Burlington Ontario

Burlington, Onatario


Friday was St. Patrick’s Day, and #BurlOn got their #GreenOn !  Great Twitter pic from @DHSDuke showing some Irish spirit at Joe Dogs.

What's happening in Burlington Ontario

Burlington, Onatario

St. Paddy’s day isn’t just for the young, but also the young at heart! This twitter pic from @SchlegelVillage shows the residents of Tansley Woods getting into holiday spirit.

What's happening in Burlington Ontario

Burlington, Onatario


Last pic for the week is an Instagram pic from @janetjjardine and her  great capture of the spire in the sunrise. This is such a warm pic, it’s giving us all kinds of spring fever.

What's happening in Burlington Ontario

Burlington, Onatario


Have a great week everyone! Keep using #BurlOn and feel free to tag @cob_life if you want to grab our attention.

C.O.B. Life